Geschützt: The Anastasia movement in the eurotopia Directory 1

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Ein Gedanke zu “Geschützt: The Anastasia movement in the eurotopia Directory

  • Dmitry Solovevy

    It’s very sad that neo-Nazis movement is starting activity nowadays in Germany. For us, Russian ecovillagers, it was really strange to discover, that they had adapted Anastasia ideas to their ideology.

    I discussed the article with different researches of Anastasia movement and their position also differs from the stated one. My opinion, both as a person, who has been living in one of the biggest Anastasia communities (Rodnoe, Vladimir region) for the last 15 years, and as a researcher (my Bachelor’s thesis was „Self-conscience of Russian ecovillagers“, 2015), quite differs, too.

    We didn’t find any direct mentions in Megre’s books about anti-semitism or racism, but more importantly, I’ve never met any Anastasia followers who shared these ideas.

    About Megre leadership and political ambition – I’d like to say, that he is my neighbor in Rodnoe, he is an elderly man and with poor health, so he is not able to rule any societies. In Rodnoe, there is an anarchic style of management. Generally, Anastasia movement is not about sects, there are no administrations or anything similar. Vice versa, Anastasia villages are based on grassroot activity.

    As for criticism, I find important to mention quite a romantic attitude of some part of the Anastasia community (but only a part, not the whole movement) to the important sides of life (community management, private and common earnings, waste management and etc.), ideology of escapism (but this is far from asociality), low social activity and etc. But, once again, these features of some individuals or small groups cannot be extrapolated to the whole ideology in its entirety and its’ level is not significant.

    I know from my Anastasia friends, that in Germany there is a group of ‚romantic‘ (but not Nazis) Anastasia followers. This article, due to its prejudgment, can lead to negative consequences as it can hurt the feelings of such people.

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